What is Axial

Axial SpA is an inflammatory disease of the spine and joints. It works silently, leaving people in increasing pain and exhaustion.

It’s surprisingly common. More people live with the condition than MS and Parkinson’s combined. And with symptoms starting in mid-teens to early 20s, it’s a condition that affects young people.

For the General Public

Want to know more about axial SpA?

Want to know more about axial SpA?

Whether you’re living with persistent back pain or just interested in learning more about axial SpA, our expert blogs and articles will provide everything you need to know about the condition.

For Healthcare Professionals

Reducing time to diagnosis in axial SpA

Reducing time to diagnosis in axial SpA

Our bespoke resources developed by healthcare professionals across various primary and secondary care disciplines, provide targeted advice for early recognition, referral, and diagnosis of axial SpA. 

Want to find out more?

Read our first Act on axial SpA impact report

Interested in our work to drive down diagnostic delay. Then click the button below and download a copy of our first impact report.

The report details the key results from the programme in its first 16 months, detailing how NASS has built a burning platform for driving down the diagnosis time of axial SpA, influenced politicians and key decision makers and increased awareness of the condition among the general public and health care professionals. 

Could you have axial SpA?

Could you have axial SpA?

Could your persistent back pain be axial SpA?

Our symptom checker will walk you through a few short questions designed to determine whether there’s a chance you might the condition. 


Ten organisations have endorsed our plans to introduce a Gold Standard Time to Diagnosis of one year.

We are the first organisation in the world to propose a ground-breaking Gold Standard time to diagnosis of one year, as part of the Act on Axial SpA campaign.

NASS encourages any organisation in musculoskeletal health to step forward and endorse the plan, including patient organisations, professional bodies and NHS Trusts.

We are also shortly launching our endorsement campaign for health care professionals that will recognise anyone undertaking work related to the Gold Standard.

If your organisation is interested in endorsing the document please contact clareclark@nass.co.uk

Symptoms starting slowly

Pain in the lower back

Improves with movement

Night time waking

Early onset (under 40)